Confessions of a Rockin Mom #1: College Fears

Confessions of a Rockin Mom #1:  College Fears

Everett's first day of classWe found out that Everett has Down syndrome moments after he was born (this is called a birth or postnatal diagnosis). In those moments after we heard of his diagnosis, a rush of fears went through my mind. One that I can painfully recall, was the fear that Everett would never be able to attend college. My college experiences were so meaningful to me, and I always dreamed that my children would build similar college memories. This fear was unwarranted. First, not everyone goes to college and they live rich, meaningful lives. Secondly, if Everett does choose to go to college there are hundreds of programs for differently-abled kiddos. And many of these students are attending standard 4-year and 2-year college programs. My alma mater, Texas A&M, hosts one as well as Clemson University (to name a few). This warms my heart, but I’ll have to confess…this old fear has now been replaced by a new one — Everett is going to move out and leave me someday ????!