Confessions of a Rockin mom #13: Fear of labeling

Read the enclosed link which features a letter authored by my dear friend and fellow Rockin mom. Let me tell you…from my experience (and the experiences of others), many healthcare professionals know very little about Down syndrome beyond the diagnosis. And unfortunately, many of these healthcare workers frame conversations about disability by saying harsh things to parents, and creating a lot of unwarranted fear. By referring to our children as “Downs” or an “error,” these healthcare workers are creating a conversation where babies with DS are less than optimal and in some cases, subhuman. For Pete’s sake people, when someone has a baby you typically say “congratulations.” As opposed to, “Your Downs baby was an error” and “I’m sorry.” This is far too common as we had similar experiences after Everett was born. Because of these experiences, I am determined…DETERMINED…to change this world for Everett, all other differently-abled kiddos, and their loved ones. One “Downs” at a time if that’s what it takes. Proud of this rockin┬ámama…rock on.