Confessions of a Rockin mom #16: Fear of the unknown

For the first year of Everett’s life I spent a lot of time and emotion worrying about him. At night as I was falling asleep, I would worry. When I woke up, the worry would begin again. And I would worry and pray all the way to work and back, every week, about things that were totally out of my control at that point. Where will he live someday? Will he ever be able to take care of himself financially? Will he be healthy? Will he play sports, go to college, have friends? Etc. Etc. Etc. I still don’t have the answers to some of those questions, but I don’t need to right now. Right now we need to focus on whatever Everett needs to be successful…right now. And I’ll have to confess, if I could go back I would spend more time pinching those cute cheeks and hugging that squishy little chunker, rather than worrying about him. He was the answer to our prayers and God doesn’t give wrong answers.