Confessions of a Rockin mom #3: Fears about Siblings

Everett is our oldest child. We always talked about having more than one child, so I’ll have to confess — when Everett was born and diagnosed, I wondered how that might affect any children we might have later. And when we learned that we were expecting a little brother for Everett, this fear resurfaced. I recall the very specific fear that Everett and Liam would not have a “normal” brotherly relationship because of Everett having T21. I have two incredible brothers.  And when I think back on our “normal” sibling relationships growing up, I recall A LOT of laughter. Don’t get me wrong, there were frequent fights, disagreements, and scuffles too. But there are way more hugs, stories, and laughter between the three of us that define our relationships as siblings. I’m only a year into being the mother of two boys, but I’ve learned the same applies to Everett & Liam. They love each other so much. And Everett definitely acts the part of big brother as he shows off for Liam, teaches him new tricks, makes him laugh….and slaps him around a little bit (boys…oy vey!). Down syndrome is such a small part of their relationship. The fear of them not having a “normal” brotherly relationship? Definitely unwarranted.