Moms’ Corner

This section of is all about busy moms.  As a busy mom myself, I’ve relied on quite a few “hacks” to get me through the tough weeks.  And I’ve encountered several of my own “momfails” while doing so.  I’ve also been known to scramble last-minute to put together class party gifts, all-about-me posters, holiday outfits, and other essential duties related to raising school-aged children these days.  And, like so many other women out there, I often do this while juggling multiple professional roles.  My full-time gig (and my true passion) revolves around my position as a teacher/scholar at a local university.  But I also dabble in small business-ownership as a Rodan & Fields consultant (this is also one of my primary research interests), and I’ve been known to make some extra cash by selling various items on ebay, craigslist, and local buy/sell/trade groups.  I know I’m not the only woman out there who relies on hacks, last-minute success (and failures) and various side hustles, so this section is dedicated to all of us!  #Mompreneurs is a space where I can think, talk and write about my side hustle adventures and the research I uncover along the way.  It’s also a space where I’d like to feature other entrepreneurs/mompreneurs and their successful full-time or part-time business ventures!  Mom Hack Monday will feature a new hack and and a new busy mom every month, and the last-minute-mom page will spotlight some of my own last-minute #momfails (and successes) and the last-minute adventures of other moms each month.  So, moms’ corner is a busy section with a lot of topics to feature and talk about, which is reflective of the busy lifestyle we all embrace (and simultaneously loathe) these days!  Here’s to the entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, queens of odd jobs, hack hunters, and procrastinators!