Confessions of a Rockin mom #7: Fear of the R-word

Confessions of a Rockin mom #7:  Fear of the R-word

For the past feconfessions-image-7aw decades, for some reason, the word “retarded” (used in a derogatory nature) has been en vogue. Watch any movie that was a pop culture phenomenon in the last few decades and you’ll see and hear inappropriate jokes about differently-abled persons, and perhaps even outright usage of the R-word. And I’ll have to confess, this was a word I used to use before Everett was born. Like many others, I thought it was just another harmless word and I used it inappropriately and frivolously at times. But the first time I laid eyes on my sweet Everett, that word instantly disappeared from my vocabulary. You see, the words we use are actually not harmless. They cause a great deal of harm when used carelessly. I still hear people use that word (the R-word) on occasion. And every single time, it cuts through my heart like a knife. Sometimes I correct people politely, sometimes I don’t have the strength to do it. Please know that if I hear or see you use this word, I may not call you out for it, but my feelings are hurt nonetheless. It’s an affront to my sweet Everett and all other persons with different abilities. One of my fellow Rockin moms┬ásays she’ll throat punch anyone who says it in her presence. So definitely don’t say it in front of feisty moms like┬áher!

Baby Everett with a dubious expression and the words "My face when someone uses the R word."