Confessions of a Rockin mom #8: Waiting on karyotype results

I posted a while back about a book I recently read called “The Circle Maker.” It’s a great book that addresses the power of prayer. I’ve always believed in the power of individual and collective prayer, and I’ll have to confess, in the days leading up to receiving Everett’s karyotype results…I prayed. A lot. I remember praying very hard that the results would come back negative for Down syndrome. But I know now, three years later, that God had other plans for Everett and our family. And I am genuinely grateful and I praise Him every day for answering my prayers in a different way than I expected. His plans and ideas are always so much better than mine. If Everett had been born with an ordinary amount of chromosomes, then our lives would have been just that…ordinary. But instead, I get to journey along with an extraordinary kid (2 extraordinary kiddos, actually ?) and those of us who choose to, can see the world around us in extraordinary ways. I joked in a previous post that I wish everyone could see things as I do through their own pair of “Everett glasses.” But there was a lot of seriousness behind that statement. I know as his parent I’m supposed to teach Everett important lessons, but for the past three years he has been my greatest teacher. I’ll never forget when he bowed his little head and led us in prayer one evening last spring. There are hard days raising these two little boys of mine, but in these moments I find so many answers, to so many of my prayers. And all of the fear just disappears.